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4 Benefits of Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident

Written By Advanced Spine & Sport Medical Rehabilitation Center on January 15, 2020

Auto Injury TreatmentDid you know that even a low-speed car collision can cause significant injury and pain to your spine? If the injury isn’t corrected in time, it can lead to serious health issues such as disability and memory loss. Therefore, it’s always recommended to see your chiropractor after a car accident, regardless of its severity.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor for Auto Injury Treatment in Ventura?

Often, whiplash injuries don’t present themselves right away – they can delay for up to several days  – which is why chiropractic care is important even if you don’t feel any pain after the accident.

Some of the main benefits of a chiropractic auto injury treatment include:

Reduced Inflammation

Post-accident inflammation is normal since the body attempts to self-heal from the resultant injury. However, excess inflammation can lead to inflammatory pain and extreme discomfort. To prevent this, chiropractors use spinal manipulation techniques aimed at cutting down the body’s inflammatory response by inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokine.

Reduced Back Pain

Back pain from auto accidents is usually caused by whiplash where your intervertebral discs get dislocated from their natural positions within the spinal column. The herniated discs press against surrounding tissues and nerves, which leads to great pain.

Your chiropractor will use targeted manual spinal adjustment techniques to remove the compression of the nerves and stimulate the production of the body’s pain-relieving hormones such as oxytocin, neurotensin, and cortisol.

Restored Range of Motion

The herniated discs, muscle stiffness, and soreness from a car accident injury can limit your range of motion, affecting your ability to perform basic day-to-day tasks. Chiropractic spinal adjustments can help restore your mobility by realigning your spinal column to its optimal position.

Drug-Free and Non-Invasive

Using over-the-counter pain medication for your auto accident injuries only mask the discomfort for a few hours. In contrast, chiropractic care aims at correcting the root cause of the pain so you’re able to take care of the problem once and for all. What’s more, the procedure doesn’t involve any injections or surgeries – it’s all-natural.

Get Evaluated Immediately at Advanced Spine & Sport Chiropractic

If you’re a recent car-accident victim in Ventura, contact Advanced Spine and Sport Chiropractic for comprehensive chiropractic therapy. Dr. Baranski has over 20 years of experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal issues from auto accidents. We also work with top attorneys in the county to help you get the much-deserved compensation after an accident.

Contact us today at (805) 642-4061 for advanced auto injury treatment with chiropractic care in Ventura.

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