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Can a Chiropractor Help After a Sports Injury?

Written By Advanced Spine & Sport Medical Rehabilitation Center on March 28, 2022

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If you play high-contact sports, chances are you or somebody you know has suffered an injury at some point. Left untreated, a seemingly innocent sports injury can develop into something chronic and painful. The good news is that chiropractors are experts at treating all types of sports injuries. Advanced Spine & Sport Chiropractic in Ventura, CA, specializes in getting patients back in the game.

Most Common Sports Injuries

Are you suffering from any of the following?

  • Wrist sprain or fracture
  • Shin splints
  • Muscle strains
  • Herniated or pinched spinal disc
  • Low or mid back pain
  • Knee injury

If you are experiencing pain from an athletic injury, seek treatment before the problem gets worse. Seeking early treatment can improve your range of motion and minimize the risk of future pain.

How Can a Chiropractor Fix Sports Injuries?

There are several ways our chiropractors can provide sports injury treatment:

  • Chiropractors are experts in the spine and joints. Chiropractors understand how your bones, joints and nervous system all connect. We are able to target specific pain points using non-invasive methods.
  • Treat ailments without painkillers. Medicine can work wonders to treat your symptoms, but it does little to solve the underlying problem. Natural adjustments, spinal manipulations, and massage therapy all work to target your injury at the source. Our goal is not to merely treat your sports injury pain, but to strengthen your body.
  • Regain your range of motion. Our patients report that after just a few sessions, their pain reduces or completely subsides. Our team develops a treatment plan that works specially for you, as not every patient is the same. Chiropractic care greatly improves your range of motion while minimizing your pain.

Sports Injury Treatment in Ventura

Dr. Baranski has served Ventura, CA for more than 16 years. In that time, he has dedicated his practice to helping athletes get back on the field or court. Our adjustments and exercise therapies ensure that you can get back to the activities you love, with none of the pain. 

Schedule an appointment at our Ventura chiropractic office today at (805) 642-4061 for quality sports injury treatment.

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