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Can a Chiropractor Help with Headache Treatment?

Written By Advanced Spine & Sport Medical Rehabilitation Center on March 26, 2021

Headache TreatmentThere is nothing worse than trying to get through a day filled with work and other activities when you have a pounding headache. Sometimes headaches can be so bad that no amount of pain medication can kick it to the curb. 

If you suffer from frequent headaches and haven’t been able to find a clear solution, a chiropractor can help you with headache treatment. Many headaches are caused by issues with the soft tissues of the neck, making them a good candidate for chiropractic intervention. 

For those looking for another option to treat their headache pain, read on for more information. 

Causes and Types of Headaches

Knowing what type of headache you’re experiencing and the cause of it can help you figure out how to communicate your symptoms to your chiropractor. Some types of headaches are:

  • Tension headache: While a tension headache is often triggered by stress, if you start experiencing them more regularly, it can point to an underlying trigger. You will feel an aching, dull sensation on your head with some tenderness and sensitivity. 
  • Cervicogenic headaches: This type of headache results from a sudden movement of your neck. You can also develop a headache when your neck stays in one position for a length of time. You may experience head pain when you sneeze or cough or a stiff neck. 
  • Migraine: The intense pulsing pain caused by migraines can last for days. The pain is usually on one side and you can be sensitive to sound and light. Migraines can occur from a hereditary issue or be connected to another nervous system condition. 

Chiropractic Care and Headache Treatment 

A chiropractor will evaluate your symptoms and determine the cause of your headaches. Especially with a cervicogenic headache, your chiropractor will be able to address any problems that are occurring in your spine. Manual therapy is effective in treating cervicogenic and tension headaches. Continued chiropractic care is also shown to decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. 

Chiropractors will also utilize soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation, education and lifestyle changes, as well as spinal adjustments to help you with your headaches. If pain relievers aren’t helping you and you find your headaches worsening or becoming more frequent, seek immediate attention. 

Leave Your Headaches Behind Today 

Living with chronic headaches can cause your daily life to be unbearable. Completing everyday tasks and living a fulfilling life seems impossible when you’re dealing with persistent pain. The staff at Advanced Spine & Sport will welcome you into a calm atmosphere, working with you to develop a treatment plan to rid yourself of headaches. 

Contact us today to book an appointment.

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