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Letter of Thanks:

Thank you for all the adjustments on my back and neck. When I first came to you I couldn't hear very well, I heard loud ringing in my ear, and I wasn't sleeping well. The ringing in my ear started December 2010. I saw three different doctors and three different doctors said three different things. There was nothing they could do. They said, "My hearing-aid was fine and I am just losing my hearing more." I was like "Why" am I hearing loud ringing all the time. In March I started to go to Ventura Spine & Sport Medical Center. By the end of March, I can now hear a lot better. I just have very little ringing in my ear. I didn't realize that I had a neck and back problem. I noticed the difference and I am feeling a lot better. I truly believe in you and that you helped me to heal and to hear again. Thank you very much for all the adjustments on my back and neck.

Back to Health:

Back in mid-March I came to you suffering considerable neck and shoulder pain following an injury that occurred while I was on vacation. The discomfort was extreme enough to make my favorite sport, mountain biking, quite impossible.

Following x-rays and a good deal of poking and prodding to locate the problem muscles, Dr. Baranski recommended a program of spinal adjustments and physical therapy involving weight training to strengthen the neck and use of a posture pump to promote correct curvature of the spine. Also, stretching exercises I could do at home.

Now, only a month and a half later, I'm happy to tell you that I'm back on the mountain bike and no longer experiencing the pain and stiffness that kept me off the trails.

Thank you Dr. Baranski for making it possible again to enjoy the sport I love!

-Perry V. H.

Surgery Avoided!:

I have been a patient of Dr. Baranski for about 6 months, suffering from herniated discs. During this time, he has been treating me with heat, cold laser treatments, massage, and stretching of the muscles involved with pain.

I am now pain-free, because of these treatments. My physician had told me that the only way to be relieved of the pain would be with surgery, which I refused to have. Dr. Baranski's treatments have completely eliminated the pain, thereby making surgery unnecessary.

-Norma H.

The Care and Maintenance of My Back: What's your back problem? My answer is "Which part-top, middle or lower?

  • Top - Arthritis on my spine (occasional numbness in my arms with wrong positioning)
  • Middle - Scoliosis (curvature of the spine-my shoulder/hips are obviously not aligned)
  • Lower - Spondylolisthesis (spine separation – 70 - 75% slippage)

I truly believe that with a combination of regular chiropractic visits and doing my exercises, I will be able to avoid the potential term problems that I face:

Arthritis - The arthritis can cause permanent loss of range of motion and increase degenerative symptoms that would lead to chronic pain and possible nerve damage and increase pain and stiffness as well as greater dysfunction on the spine and body with presence of scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.

Scoliosis - The curvature usually continues to worsen over the years and the body becomes disfigured, putting pressure on and damage to the organs. Increased curvature could create additional stress on the spondylolisthesis.

Spondylolisthesis - Slippage would continue, putting pressure on nerves and eventually not supporting the back. The resolution would be surgery.

Dr. James Baranski has been guiding my back during regular monthly visits. My spine is put back where it belongs and the muscles are encouraged to support the spine so that no further arthritis is formed and the spine stays straight (controlling the scoliosis and keeping it in position so there is no further slippage). The adjustment also helps alleviate stress on the nerves so my body can function at optimum level.

But I have to do my part by doing the exercises he suggested-these strengthen the core muscles, allowing them to support and protect the spine.

I do not want to be a bent, little old lady or to require spinal surgery, so I will continue to see Dr. Baranski every 4 weeks and do my exercises. The Spondy was diagnosed in 1998 when it first seriously slipped and it slipped often after that causing acute pain. It last slipped in 2004 and with regular visits to Dr. Baranski and doing my exercises it has not slipped since then and there have been no changes in the arthritis or scoliosis.

Just as a mechanic is important to maintain your car, I strongly feel that a chiropractor is important to maintain your back. Dr. Baranski has done an excellent job of maintaining mine.


November, 2009

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

One year ago I began experiencing numbness and tingling in my fingers, very cold hands, and severe pain that would constantly wake me up at night. I went to my primary physician who explained to me that I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that I would need surgery to correct the problem. Like many, I wanted to avoid surgery and decided to give chiropractic a chance. So I began going to Ventura Spine & Sport Medical Center and treating with Dr. James Baranski.I have experienced incredible results. As my job requires me to work on the computer all day long, my fingers seldom go to sleep anymore, my pain is virtually gone, and my hands are warm again. I am also able to sleep much better at night and my wrists and fingers do not hurt. I would strongly recommend anyone to see Dr. James Baranski if they are experiencing any symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. Thanks Dr. B.


Low back pain / Surgery Avoided:

I have experienced low back pain now for over ten years. It was a constant pain which would travel down into my legs. I have gone to many doctors including general practitioners, orthopedists, pain management MD's, and conventional chiropractors and have received various forms of treatment including physical therapy, medications, and epidural injections to the lower back. My back symptoms became so bad that I became a surgical candidate. A friend told me about the MedX program and did some research and decided to try it out and after just six months of therapy the results were dramatic. I was able to perform many of the physical activities I enjoy doing such as rock climbing, hiking, skiing (aggressively), and other activities. If I stuck with normal daily activities I am sure I would stay pain free. However, since I like to push myself in my recreational activities my low back pain is occasionally aggravated, but my recovery time is extremely faster then it has ever been. I would highly recommend the MedX treatment and Dr. James Baranski to all my friends and family. Needless to say, I am no longer contemplating surgery… Thanks Dr. B. - Doug F.

Work Related Injury:

I would highly reccomend this office to my family and friends. The staff is very warm and professional. As soon as I entered the office I felt very welcomed by the staff. My situation was work related and I was under a workman's comp case, I got hurt on the job. I didn't get very many visits but I sure wish that I had more visits to get the full effect of the service. The visits that I did have I saw improvements from the very beginning, I was very happy with the care that I recieved by Dr. Baranski.

-Kim. S.